Freshman Seminars Faculty


Anderson, Sarah
FRS 110 Bodies Like Ours: Literary Figures in Flux

Anderson-Kosoko, Jaamil     
FRS 148 Global Tactics in Hybrid Media and Performance

Arnold , William
FRS 158 Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The Effects of Chemicals on the Environment and Us


Baer, Ronni    
FRS 159 Rembrandt

Baralay, Supratik      
FRS 122 The Camera and Classical Art

Beissinger, Margaret 
FRS 163 "Once upon a time . . ." Magic Tales and their Meanings

Bendixen, Alfred       
FRS 111 Exploring the Graphic Novel

Bhatt, Swati   
FRS 172 Origins of Modern Communication and the Principles of Innovation

Bono, Mariana
FRS 187 Mother Tongues

Boustan, Ra'anan
FRS 164 End Times: Apocalyptic Visions, Ancient and Modern

Brooks, Shilo  
FRS 183 The Collapse of Civilization

Buher, Andrew         
FRS 101 Get your kicks


Calivas, Jennifer        
FRS 175 Performance and Analog Photography

Cervantes-Perez, Nadia        
FRS 152 Translating Mesoamerica

Champy, Flora
FRS 190 Reasons to Believe: Religions of Enlightenment


de Swaan, Jean-Christophe   
FRS 149 Ethics in Finance

Desmond, Tessa
FRS 105 Saving Seeds

Dimitrov, Alex          
FRS 102 Poetry in the Political and Sexual Revolution of the 1960s and 70s


Eder, Anne    
FRS 125 Unbeaten Paths: Crosslinking Majors and the Arts, Revitalizing a Renaissance View

Edwards, Mark         
FRS 112 Imprisoned Minds: Religion and Philosophy from Jail


Fellbaum, Christiane 
FRS 116 The Evolution of Human Language

Feng, Vivian (Zengqi)
FRS 114 The Glass Class

Finkelstein, Adam
FRS 104 Creating Audio-Visual Generative Art in the Digital Medium

Font, Vivia     
FRS 173 Respuesta Teatral: Social & Political Performance Inspirations from Latin America

Fratto, Elena  
FRS 197 American and Russian Science Fiction: Story-Worlds in Dialogue


Garon, Sheldon         
FRS 184 The Global War on Civilians: Morality, Science and Race in the Bombing of Cities in World War II

Geheber, Philip          
FRS 166 Irish Autofictions: Self Discovery and the Construction of Identity

Georges, Penelope     
FRS 127 Body Builders: Living Systems as Art Media

Gibson, Christopher-Marcus
FRS 135 Happiness & Being Human in Catholic Thought

Gmachl, Claire
FRS 178 Quantum Engineering: Foundations and Impact

Gribetz, Jonathan M.
FRS 186 Jerusalem

Gu, Helen (Yijun)    
FRS 139 The Coming of Driverless Cars

Guelzo, Allen 
FRS 130 Contours of American Thought


Hailey, Christopher  
FRS 117 Music, Memory, and the Holocaust

Hakim, Andrew        
FRS 126 Learning to "Spell": Visions of School in Fantasy and Science Fiction

Harris, Caroline        
FRS 121 Behind the Scenes: Inside the Princeton University Art Museum

Haynes, Shannon
FRS 115 Decomposing the Science of Composting: How To Turn Waste into Resource

Heyman, Daniel        
FRS 132 Drawing Up the Wall

Hoffman-Schwartz, Daniel   
FRS 157 At the Mind's Limits: The Holocaust in History, Theory, and Literature

Holgado-Lage, Anais
FRS 150 The Way We Talk: Identity Through Our Own Dialect

Howes, Thomas        
FRS 103 Contemporary Natural Law Theory

Hutchings, Robert     
FRS 199 Diplomatic Encounters; Or, So You Want To Be a Diplomat


Jaczko, Gregory         
FRS 161 National Science Policy: A Crash Course in Making Change

Jessee, Nathan
FRS 191 Freshman Seminar in Environmental and Climate Justice


Kelleher, Casey          
FRS 140 Cirque des Mathamatiques

Kelly, Peter    
FRS 151 Reenacting the Scientific Revolution: RPGs in the Ancient and Early Modern Worlds

Kelly, Thomas
FRS 137 Intellectual Foundations of Modern Conservatism

Kelts, Steven  
FRS 128 Tech/Ethics

Kim, Soo-Young    
FRS 133 Unmaking Nation Making


Landsman, Aaron     
FRS 143 Is Politics a Performance?

Lee, Riley       
FRS 180 Mindfulness, Meditation, Memory and Music "Knowing" the Shakuhachi

Leonard, Thomas      
FRS 120 Divided We Stand: Economic Inequality and its Discontents

Leving, Yuri   
FRS 124 The Worlds of Storytelling: Digital, Textual, Cinematic

Littman, Michael       
FRS 106 Art and Science of Motorcycle Design


Matas, Caroline
FRS 155 True Crime in American Culture

Marrone-Puglia, Gaetana     
FRS 136 History and Cinema: Fascism in Film

Marshall, Craig         
FRS 129 Visualizing Nature: Techniques in Field Biology

Mattson-Prieto, Raquel         
FRS 193 Food for Thought: What We Eat and Why

Merino , Adriana       
FRS 108 Say What!? Making Sense of Intercultural (Mis)Communication

Moore, Susanna        
FRS 169 Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Wisdom of Crowds

Moran, Patrick          
FRS 162 The 1980s

Morrow, Susan          
FRS 160 Self-Care

Mugge, Miqueias       
FRS 141 Planet Amazonia: Engaging Indigenous Ecologies of Knowledges


Nagel, Barbara          
FRS 113 What Will Happen to Her Next?

Nordenson, Guy
FRS 165 Design and Craft: The Building and Ecology of the Ise Shrines

Nunes, Janine
FRS 167 A Perfect Cup of Coffee


Odoh, Ijeoma 
FRS 146 Women in Literature: Outlaw(ed) Women in Fiction and Prose

Olawale Kosoko, Jaamil
FRS 148 Global Tactics in Hybrid Media and Performance Making

Ossip, Kathleen         
FRS 123 Poetry Makes History, History Makes Poetry: Reading and Writing Documentary Poems

Otjen, Nate    
FRS 189 People and Pets


Perlmutt, Bent-Jorgen
FRS 138 Representation in Documentary Filmmaking

Poor, H. Vincent        
FRS 179 Princeton and the Dawn of the Information Age

Poor, Sara      
FRS 153 The Arthurian Legend in Literature and Film


Rivera, Christian       
FRS 109 The Wildlife Trade

Rossi Wagner, Johanna         
FRS 177 Reading Film: The Eternal City on the Big & Small Screen

Rowley, Leslie
FRS 185 Endings, Before and After


Schroder, Volker       
FRS 146 Into the Woods! What Disney Didn’t Tell You About Fairy Tales

Seo, Juri          
FRS 107 The Piano

Snyder, Jeff
FRS 104 Creating Audio-Visual Generative Art in the Digital Medium

Stergiopoulou, Katerina        
FRS 144 Modernity and Myth: Tradition and Transformation

Stirk, David   
FRS 182 Central Park: Landscape, History and Visual Culture

Stone, Howard          
FRS 167 A Perfect Cup of Coffee

Szetela, Timothy        
FRS 174 Drawing Data


Tucker (Kohler), Sheila         
FRS 147 How People Change: The Short Story and Life’s Transitions

Tully, Christopher     
FRS 145 Big Bang Cosmology for Beginners


Vandenbroucke, Aynsley     
FRS 195 Stillness

Vanderbei, Robert J.  
FRS 131 Sizing Up the Universe


White, Barbara          
FRS 119 Everyday Enchantment: Blurring the Boundary Between the Arts and Life

White, Veronica
FRS 121 Behind the Scenes: Inside the Princeton University Art Museum


Zelizer, Julian
FRS 142 1964: Tipping Point

Zhang, Xinning         
FRS 115 Decomposing the Science of Composting: How To Turn Waste into Resource