Fall '21 Seminar Index

FRS 101 Afronaut Ascension: A Creative Exploration of Afrofuturism & the Avant Garde LA
Shariffa Ali

FRS 103 Self to Selfie    SA    
John W. Borneman    

FRS 105 American Identity at a Crossroads?    SA    
Nasser Hussain    

FRS 107 Happiness and Being Human in Catholic Thought    EM    
Marcus Gibson    

FRS 109 The Other 'F' Word: Success and Innovation's Sibling? SA    
John D. Danner    

FRS 111 Everyday Enchantment: Blurring the Boundary between the Arts and Life LA
Barbara A. White    

FRS 113 Global Poverty - Who is Responsible? SA    
Varun Gauri    

FRS 114 Mother Tongues SA    
Mariana Bono    

FRS 115 What Makes for a Meaningful Life? A Search EM    
Ellen B. Chances    

FRS 117 Music, Memory, and the Holocaust    EM    
Christopher Hailey    

FRS 119 Race, Representation, and Education Policy CD SA    
Renita Miller    

FRS 121 Behind the Scenes: Inside the Princeton University Art Museum LA    
Caroline I. Harris and    Veronica White

FRS 127 Body Builders: Living Systems as Art Media SEN    
Penelope Georges    

FRS 129 Monsters Among Us    LA    
Simone Marchesi    

FRS 131 Sizing Up the Universe QCR    
Robert J. Vanderbei    

FRS 133 What Will Happen to Her Next? LA    
Barbara N. Nagel    

FRS 135 Ways of Knowing CD SA    
Beth Stroud    

FRS 139 Ways of Knowing CD SA    
Marina Fedosik    

FRS 141 Ancient Egypt and Its Hieroglyphs    LA    
Joshua T. Katz    

FRS 142 History and Cinema: Fascism in Film HA    
Gaetana Marrone-Puglia    

FRS 143 Is Politics a Performance SA    
Aaron Landsman    

FRS 145 Learning to “Spell”: Visions of School in Fantasy and Science Fiction LA    
Andrew M. Hakim    

FRS 147 How People Change the Short Story and Life's Transitions LA    
Sheila M. Kohler    

FRS 149 Ethics in Finance SA    
Jean-Christophe de Swaan    

FRS 151 Time Capsules for Climate Change to be Opened at Your Reunions SEN    
Robert H. Socolow    

FRS 153 Pandemic Pedagogy    SA     
Mark Glat    

FRS 155 The Human Context    EC    
Eldar Shafir    

FRS 161 How Green is Your Campus? SEL    
Adam C. Maloof and Frederik Simons

FRS 163 Imagining Joan of Arc CD    
Sara S. Poor (Sally)    

FRS 165 Archaeology as History HA    
Janet E. Kay    

FRS 167 Europe, Russia and in-Between: Historical Encounters, Late Eighteenth Century to the Present HA    
Iryna Vushko    

FRS 169 Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Wisdom of Crowds LA    
Susanna P. Moore    

FRS 171 The Lives of Early Christian Women HA
AnneMarie Luijendijk    

FRS 173 First Year Painting Studio Seminar    LA    
Pamela E. Lins    

FRS 174 Drawing Data LA     
Tim Szetela    

FRS 175 Performance and Photography LA    
Jenny Calivas    

FRS 177 Aerial Knot Theory QCR
Casey L. Kelleher and Hannah Schwartz

FRS 179 Princeton and the Dawn of the Information Age HA    
H. Vincent Poor    

FRS 181 On Love and Politics    LA    
Perla Masi    

FRS 183 A Portrait of the Artist As . . . LA    
Brigid Doherty    

FRS 185 Tragedy and the Meaning of Life LA    
Rhodri Lewis    

FRS 187 ACTING against Oppression: Notes from the other América LA    
Vivia Font    

FRS 189 Sufis, Slaves and Soldiers: Premodern Mobility in South and Central Asia HA    
Ali G. Siddiqui (Gibran)    

FRS 191 Atheism and the Death of God EM    
Rodrigo Therezo    

FRS 193 Belief and Ideology EC    
Corey J. Cusimano    

FRS 195 Stillness LA    
Aynsley Vandenbroucke    

FRS 197 Imagining New York: the City in Fiction LA    
Alfred Bendixen  

FRS 199 Diplomatic Encounters -- Or, So You Want To Be a Diplomat HA    
Robert L. Hutchings