Student Application Process

The application period for Fall term 2023 FRS will open in early July. Students can expect to receive notice of the dates of each application period - fall and spring term, via email.

Freshman Seminars are not mandatory, but you should strongly consider taking one.  Besides providing an in-depth dive into a fascinating topic, you'll get to know a faculty member well, develop close relationships with a group of students, and gain useful experience with the sorts of reading, discussion, exercises, and writing that Princeton courses require.

Because of this value, you may take a Seminar either term of your first year, or both.  Please note: students can enroll in only ONE (1) Freshman Seminar per term.

The application process is simple.  First, browse the lists of courses offered each term.  Be sure to click the links provided with each course description so that you can see when the course is offered, which University distribution requirement it fulfills, and what sorts of readings and assignments will be required.

Next, during the application period, identify your top five (5) Freshman Seminar choices.  Using our application portal, list and submit those choices before the period ends.  You may revisit the application portal in order to change your preferences as many times as necessary until the deadline.  Please note: Freshman seminars applications are NOT processed on a first-come first-served basis. All applications are processed after the deadline.

After the deadline, seminar placements are made through an automated system that prioritizes students' choices while limiting the size of each seminar to 15 students.  In general, you can expect to be enrolled in one of your top choices.

Please note that applying to just one seminar does not improve your chances of being placed into your top choice; we encourage students to maximize their opportunities by listing multiple courses that they would enjoy taking.

If you did not apply for a Freshman Seminar during the application period, you could still enroll in one during course enrollment before the start of the term, if it has available spaces.

Please direct questions to Sha Sanyal at [email protected] or (609) 258-1402.